‘Animal deterrent and training device and method thereof’ (new patent)

Trouble with cats on your counters, table tops, furniture, curtains, floor areas – or maybe “hanging out at your entry door”? Inventor Shawn Tait of Issaquah, WA, US, noted that “they just don’t like being squirted or misted with simple inexpensive water” and has just received a 2016 US patent for his ‘Animal deterrent and […]

A newish old advance in false eyelash complexity

2007 is a long time ago, by some people’s reckoning. Thus we can say this eyelash invention is an oldish idea: “FALSE EYELASHES WITH A PLURALITY OF SUBASSEMBLIES,” European Patent Application EP2026671 Inventor: Byrne, Alexsandra (London, GB) Application Number: EP20070732980 Publication Date: 02/25/2009 Filing Date: 05/25/2007 “An eyelash adornment 1 comprises a plurality of lash […]

A(nother) new kind of underpants (US patent)

UK-based inventor Paul O’Leary has received (as of 20th Jan 2015) a US patent for his ‘Underwear Garment’ “A significant amount of effort has been expended into research of clothing and, in particular, the aspects of underwear garments which help to promote confidence and self-esteem within a wearer. Such research and development has typically centred […]

Finger mounted insect dissuasion device (new patent)

“During outdoor activities one is often annoyed or distracted by an insect. For example during static outdoor activities such as sun-tanning or reading, a single fly will often persist in annoyance despite repeated attempts to ‘discourage’ the insect. Such an insect persistently fly’s [sic] and lands on one’s arm or leg for example. Conventional fly-swatters […]

Food-chewing-noise patent application

“Successful dieting requires long-term behavior modification in terms of eating and physical activity. A diet plan is only one part of the solution. Sticking to the plan requires behavior modification that is generally beyond the ability of most people to implement without external assistance.” An invention, designed to provide assistance on such occasions is proposed […]

Ashes to ashes to fireworks: going out with a bang (new patent)

“It is an object of the present invention to provide a practical and affordable device to disperse cremated remains in a special and honorary manner.” – explains inventor Wallace N. Brown, of Maricopa, AZ, USA, in a newly issued patent, entitled : Aerial disposal and dispersal of cremated remains going out with a bang. The […]