Roi’s brain numbers improvement zapper machine

Roi Cohen Radosh of Oxford has applied for a patent for his method of zapping (so to speak) the brain with electricity. “APPARATUS FOR IMPROVING AND/OR MAINTAINING NUMERICAL ABILITY” is the title of international patent #WO 2011/098789 Al, published on August 18, 2011. Here’s a detail from the document: The patent document itself demonstrates a comfort […]

Inventors’ dustup, with teeth: Tat, Tit, Tat,…

Two eminent invention/design firms are quarreling very much in public about a dustpan. In form, this is a classic tit-for-tat battle: TAT: “Rise Up! Quirky Seeks Justice for Inventor Bill Ward“, which begins: As a haven for transparent online collaboration, Quirky must strive to protect the interests of its inventors and influencers. While this customarily […]

Another British tea innovation

Britain gave the world many things. Among those are deadpan delivery,  Heath Robinson, and a fascination for detailed methods of brewing tea. Those three gifts are combined in the “revolutionary approach to the gentle art of making tea” announced recently by a firm called Cambridge Consultants. Behold their demonstrative video: (Thanks to investigator Robinj for […]

Herscher’s cobbled-together page-turning machine

A modern inventor’s complexly-modest work, documented here in a video. The accompanying caption says: “Joseph Herscher takes a sip of his coffee, pulling string thereby tipping paintings. Balls roll down paintings, lighting burner to boil water causing books to tip. Vase and computer get knocked off the table, releasing tape to open front page of […]

To fail by looking at all ‘failed’ technology as failure

Maggie Koerth-Baker writes in BoingBoing:  “How the Refrigerator Got its Hum” is an article written by science historian Ruth Schwartz Cowan [pictured here]. It was published in 1985, in a book called The Social Shaping of Technology. The article traces the development of the refrigerator and the story of why we use electricity, rather than natural […]