A partial history of inside-the-shell egg scrambler inventors

One would hope that the inventors of the ballyhooed “Golden Goose” device that scrambles eggs inside their shells would acknowledge an intellectual debt to Ron Popeil, whose inside-the-shell egg-scrambler was heavily advertised on American TV several decades ago. The devices operate on different principles, but are clearly stops on the same technological history highway. Mr. […]

Hydraulic invention: No need to clamber for theater seating

Next time someone disrupts your evening by clambering in or out of a nearby theatre seat, remember: it needn’t be this way. In 1924, Louis J Duprey of Dorchester, Massachusetts, patented a system that “permits any patron of the theatre to enter or leave his place without at all disturbing other patrons”. You, the patron, entered vertically, […]

A circumcision device “similar to a pizza cutter”

New technology to watch out for: “CIRCUMCISION DEVICE AND PROCEDURE,” US patent application 2012/0303040, R. Michael Johnson, York, PA, (US); Pietro Ranieri, Haddonfeld, NJ (US); Kristin Chrouser, Baltimore, MD (US); Sheila Green, November 29, 2012. The document includes this passage: “Several alternative cutting means can be used to make the circumcision cut around the circumference […]

To hasten the birth of a child, apply centrifugal force [Blonsky!]

While some persons in Britain eagerly await the birth of a royal child [if you are one of those persons, see the live webcam provided by The Sun newspaper], we remind you that George and Charlotte Blonsky solved the general problem. Their patent, granted in 1965, is for a device to assist in birthing a […]

Patent for a Jerkmeter

If you study jerks in a formal way, you are probably familiar with jerkmeters. Here’s a comforting treasure, the 1966 patent for one of the most beloved of all jerkmeter designs: 3,230,777 JERKMETER. Jacob Chass, Philadelphia, Pa., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Robinson-Halpern Company, West Conshohocken, Pa., a corporation of Pennsylvania Filed Dec. 17, 1962, […]