Hula-Hoops as electrical generators [studies]

“We designed and implemented a human-powered generator which could provide large electricity by using and measured a human metabolic energy expenditure needed to operate it.“

– explain researchers Yoon-Ho Lim, Jeong-Jin Yeo, Mun-Ho Ryu and Yoon-Seok Yang of Chonbuk National University, Korea, who have, between them, developed a hula-hoop inspired human-powered electric generator.

Their experimental generator was able to provide 700 mW average output electricity. Further research, they say, will test its first application as an indoor and outdoor lighting appliance.

See: A Hula-Hoop Inspired Human-Powered Electric Generator and Estimation of Conversion Efficiency based on Quantitative Assessment of Metabolic Energy Expenditure Journal Of Engineering, Universitas Mercu Buana Yogyakarta, Vol. 19, pp. 125 – 130

Also see : A Hula-Hoop Energy-Harvesting System IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, Vol 47, #10, October 2011.

Research research by Martin Gardiner