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—> All scheduled people-gathering-in-a-physical-location events are of course subject to what happens with the COVID-19 pandemic. We will update details here as soon as we know them.

June 5, 2023, Monday, 5:55 pm (Central European time). Dead Duck Day celebration, Natuurhistorisch Museum Rotterdam, The Netherlands — The celebration, led by Kees Moeliker, honors the incident that led to the 2003 Ig Nobel Biology Prize.
June 8, 2023, Thursday, 7:30 pm (US Pacific time). Bay Area Skeptics, California, USAMarc Abrahams will yack tele-distantly about Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes.
July, 2023, (Date TBD). Improbable Dramatic Readings, Bazyliszek, Warsaw, PolandMikołaj Kowalewski will compere the first Improbable Dramatic Readings event ever held in Poland.
September 8, 2023, Friday. Quark Matters Conference, Houston, Texas, USAMarc Abrahams will give the banquet talk, about Improbable Research and the Ig Nobel Prizes.
September 14, 2023, Thursday, 6:00 pm (US eastern time). The 33rd First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA — Ten new prizes will be awarded for achievements that make people LAUGH, then THINK. (This year’s ceremony will happen entirely as a webcast) Details TBA.
October 14, 2023, Saturday, 6:00 pm. Ig Nobel Face-to-Face, Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA — The new Ig Nobel Prize winners and other researchers will ask each other questions about their work. Details and TICKET INFO TBA.
November 25, 2023, Saturday. Imperial College London, UK — Details and TICKET INFO TBA.

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