A “Gyroscopic” no-spill cup-holder [new patent]

“For travelers, balancing luggage, a snack, personal items, and a drink can be difficult, often resulting in spilling of beverages either while walking around or while seated on, for example, a plane or in a car.” What one needs, perhaps, is a self-stabilizing drinks-cup holder? And, fortunately, a newly patented solution has become available. Inventor […]

Alert: Coffee spill (and wine swirl) in Baltimore next Monday

If you’re in Baltimore on Monday, November 21, grab a cup of coffee and (carefully) stop by the American Physical Society meeting. The most exciting session is likely to be: Session H17: Geophysical Flows: General IV, Monday, November 21, 2011, 11:22 AM–11:35 AM, Room: 320 Chair: Keith Julien, University of Colorado Abstract: H17.00005 : Walking with […]