Finger-Food Hygiene Attachments [new patent]

US-based inventor Peter Delgrosso points out that consuming finger foods can sometimes be a hygienically suboptimal process – with a (timely) reminder that, in the act of eating finger foods ; “Germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements (e.g., microorganisms, viruses, chemicals, etc.) on our hands and fingers can then make their way into the body.” […]

Anything Causes Everything (Depressing)

Today’s classroom exercise: Decide whether the technique used in this study can be used to prove that any particular thing can cause any other particular thing: “Inflammation, Sanitation, and Consternation — Loss of Contact With Coevolved, Tolerogenic Microorganisms and the Pathophysiology and Treatment of Major Depression,” AUTHORS: Charles L. Raison, MD; Christopher A. Lowry, PhD; […]