A “Gyroscopic” no-spill cup-holder [new patent]

“For travelers, balancing luggage, a snack, personal items, and a drink can be difficult, often resulting in spilling of beverages either while walking around or while seated on, for example, a plane or in a car.” What one needs, perhaps, is a self-stabilizing drinks-cup holder? And, fortunately, a newly patented solution has become available. Inventor […]

Migrant Warning: Crossing the Coffee-Cup Barrier

When you get a cup of coffee from a vending machine, are you getting a soupćon of ink in your drink? This study looks into that question: “Determination the Set-Off Migration of Ink in Cardboard-Cups Used in Coffee Vending Machines,” Esther Asensio, Teresa Peiro, and Cristina Nerín, Food and Chemical Toxicology, epub 2019. The authors, […]

Advanced brain research using Neo-Nazis and a cup

Research about the brain tries to measure — and interpret — ever-more-complex kinds of phenomena. Dr. Aziz-Zadeh tells, in a recorded talk for Academic Minute, about an advanced investigation: …looking at the brain activity of Jewish individuals while they watched videos of Anti-Semetic Neo-Nazis performing simple actions, like reaching for a cup. BONUS: the 2012 Ig Nobel […]