Intel’s New (patented) Magic Wand

The chip giant Intel Corporation of Santa Clara. California, has just been granted (June 25, 2019 ) a US patent for a “Magic Wand” with the function of “creating, discovering, and/or resolving spells.” “Methods, apparatuses, systems, and storage media for creating, discovering, and/or resolving spells using a wand are provided. In embodiments, a computing device or […]

Robots make things funnier

Can robots do stand-up? Or, more specifically, can a robot make manzai (Japanese stand-up comedy) seem funnier? Dr. Jonas Sjöbergh, a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Knowledge Media Laboratory of Hokkaido University, Japan, has been working on the question since 2008. And, in association with colleague professor Kenji Araki, a paper was produced for LNAI 5447, […]

All-natural magic properties of tin

The May 27, 2010 issue of the journal Nature features two papers about magic aspects of the element tin (symbol Sn): “The magic nature of 132Sn explored through the single-particle states of 133Sn“. The authors explain that “Atomic nuclei have a shell structure that allows for ‘magic numbers‘ of neutrons and protons, analogous to the […]