Intel’s New (patented) Magic Wand

The chip giant Intel Corporation of Santa Clara. California, has just been granted (June 25, 2019 ) a US patent for a “Magic Wand” with the function of “creating, discovering, and/or resolving spells.”

“Methods, apparatuses, systems, and storage media for creating, discovering, and/or resolving spells using a wand are provided. In embodiments, a computing device or a wand may detect one or more gestures and sensors in the wand may generate sensor data representative of the one or more gestures. The one or more gestures may be movements performed using the wand. The sensor data representative of the one or more gestures may be converted into a spell sequence. The wand may transmit the spell sequence to a computing device, and receive, from the computing device, a spell output based on the spell sequence, a wand position, and a quest. The quest may indicate an order in which one or more second devices are to be activated and one or more spells to activate each of the one or more second devices. Other embodiments may be described and/or claimed.”

See: Magic wand methods, apparatuses and systems for defining, initiating, and conducting quests.