Bristly pacifiers, for weaning [new patent]

If you gave a baby a pacifier [that’s ‘dummy’ in the UK] which was covered in (mildly) irritating bristles, what kind of psychological impact might that have?

“Minimal” says the documentation for a newly patented invention that incorporates :

“[…] bristle like structures which discourages continued use of the pacifier by a child of appropriate age.”

See: US 10335350, Pacifier which helps wean toddlers off pacifiers (July 2nd 2019)

“Babies who do not suck their thumbs or fingers often rely on pacifiers. A pacifier is an artificial nipple designed for babies to suck on for comfort. The present invention relates to a unique type of pacifier which makes it easier to break the baby of the habit of using a pacifier with minimal psychological impact.“

Bonus assignment [optional]  Could the same (or similar) discouragement technique be applied to other items intended for adults – for example cigarettes or beer bottles?

Research research by Martin Gardiner