Lip-pumping invention avoids “ducky” lips [new patent]

“Although useful for their intended purpose, currently available lip pumps can have negative side effects. After use, some lip pumps will leave unattractive marks, bruising, indentations, and grooves around a user’s lip area. In addition, some lip pumps continuously apply suction to both lips. Unfortunately, these types of lip pumps can cause misshaped lips and […]

The research that’s on everyone’s lips: Lip prints

They are on everyone’s lips always, and sometimes on a shred of evidence in a murder trial, and occasionally in the title of a scientific report. Lip prints have become the subject of formal study. That formal study has a formal name: cheiloscopy. Basic questions still nag at cheiloscopists. A Portuguese population lip print patterns […]

Kissing and the Common Cold?

Valentine’s Day always brings the question “Can you catch a cold by kissing?” A 1984 experiment gave this answer: “Casual social encounters or kisses between infected and susceptible individuals are probably unlikely to result in the transmission of rhinoviruses.” Here’s kissing data from the experiment. The citation and further quotations appear below it.