Lip-pumping invention avoids “ducky” lips [new patent]

“Although useful for their intended purpose, currently available lip pumps can have negative side effects. After use, some lip pumps will leave unattractive marks, bruising, indentations, and grooves around a user’s lip area. In addition, some lip pumps continuously apply suction to both lips. Unfortunately, these types of lip pumps can cause misshaped lips and fail to address various lip problems. A user who only wants to increase a smaller lower lip, for example, may come away with a “ducky” upper lip that appears similar to a duck bill.“

A newly patented invention from Dr Thienna Ho of San Francisco, US, provides a method to avoid such things. The patent document first gives a general background on why some people might consider lip pumping as an option.

“Lip size and shape are facial features, which directly impact attractiveness levels. Many believe a person’s lips and smile to be an indicator of beauty. Full lips, especially in Western cultures, are considered attractive. Some suggest that the trend towards fuller lips developed because lips become less full with age. As one ages, gravitational effects and atrophy of tissue and muscles on and surrounding the lips often lead to lips which appear deflated and disproportionate. Fuller lips, however, are often associated with a healthy lifestyle, youth, and beauty.
In one study, it was found that men give more attention to women with fuller lips. Women having “luscious pouts” were found to attract more attention from men compared to thin-lipped women. In this same study, lips were found to represent one of the most sensual areas on a woman’s body and serve as a biological indicator of a woman’s health and fertility.”

The document goes on to describe the ‘lip shaper’ elements that are new to lip-pump prior art.

“A lip shaper may include one or more contouring elements that change the shape of a user’s lip(s). Various types of lip shapers may be included in the lip shaper assembly, depending on the shaping and contouring desired by a user. One type of lower lip shaper may be configured to form a fuller, unitary lower lip lobe, while another type of lip shaper may be configured to form two fuller, lower lip lobes, using a creaser element coupled to the lower lip shaper. Also a central platform may be coupled to either a lip shaper such that the upper and lower lips are at least partially separated during use of the lip enhancement and enlargement device.”

See: US patent 10,682,278 B2, Jun. 16Th, 2020


● Unfortunately, The patent document doesn’t provide any cited reference to the “luscious pouts” study.

● The invention, in various variants, is currently available to purchase, being marketed under the tradename CandyLipz®

● The story of the invention can be read here.

● Dr. Ho holds the Guinness Book of Records® records for the Longest Samson’s chair (static wall sit) and the Heaviest sumo deadlift in one hour (female).

● The device can, of course, also be used by men – as the ‘before and after’ photos [above] from the patent document show.

Research research by Martin Gardiner