Fast Sloth, Spammed History, God and AI, Ambiguity Weary

This week’s Feedback column (that I write) in New Scientist magazine has three segments. Here are bits of each of them: Too fast, too furious — The Fast & Furious action movies now have a companion in the world of animal study. A team of biologists videoed a furious and fast – well, relatively fast – incident, which they […]

A Big Spring in One’s Step Makes One Faster

An almost-Nakamatsian invention would let human runners run much faster, explains a new study: “How to run 50% faster without external energy,” Amanda Sutrisno and David J. Braun, Science Advances, vol. 6, no. 13, March 25, 2020, eaay1950. The authors, at Vanderbilt University, report: “Humans have attempted to surpass their natural running capability using springs […]