“Air Throne” – relief for drummers who sit on sticky stools [new patent]

“A drum ‘throne’ is a three or four-legged padded seat or stool the drummer sits on while playing. Thrones may be shaped like round cushions or in a saddle design. Throne heights may be adjusted to accommodate the drummer.”

“The drummer performs while seated on a drum throne to free up both arms and legs for the performance of instruments such as drums and percussive instruments positioned around the drummer.“

Sticky situations can sometimes develop, however, due to the throne’s plastic [plasticky?] padded seat cushion – which is often made from polyurethane foam covered in vinyl.

“Many times, during long drumming sessions sweat can build up and cause very uncomfortable conditions for the drummer. Therefore, what is needed is a way to keep a drummer cool during his (her) drumming performance and/or practice.”

In a drive to alleviate such unpleasantnesses, inventors Volk, et al. have come up with an ‘Air Throne’ – which has just been granted a US patent. As the diagram shows, it features a built-in electric fan that wafts fresh air up through the seat.

See: United States Patent 10,709,252, Volk , et al. July 14, 2020,

Note: The patented Air Throne is, or perhaps shortly will be, available as a commercial product from TheAirThrone.com

Bonus Assignment [optional]  List other activities that could benefit from an active electric air-ventilated seat.

Research research by Martin Gardiner