Automatic Speech Balloon Detection and Segmentation for Comic Books

You might find that reading comic books is complex and confusing, if you are a machine. If both of those ifs afflict you, you might seek relief by reading this new study: “Deep CNN-based Speech Balloon Detection and Segmentation for Comic Books,” David Dubray, Jochen Laubrock, arXiv:1902.08137v1, 2019. (Thanks to Mason Porter for bringing this […]

Borborygmi and alternative-to-colonoscopy news reports: Nobel winner’s device listens to your gut A non-invasive way for detecting gut disorders could replace the dreaded colonoscopy, West Australian researchers say Gut disorders could be detected without the need for dreaded, invasive colonoscopies thanks to an invention by West Australian researchers, led by a Nobel Prize laureate. A University of WA […]

Automated Acoustic Detection of Mouse Scratching [research study]

Acoustic detection of mouse scratching has been automated at least once. This report tells about the mice involved, and about their scratching, and about the detection — done acoustically — of that scratching: “Automated Acoustic Detection of Mouse Scratching,” Peter Elliott, Max G’Sell, Lindsey M. Snyder, Sarah E. Ross, and Valérie Ventura, PLoS ONE, vol. […]

The curses of being a rat: Landmine-detection reinforcement

Bit by bit, people work to devise improvements in procedures related to explosions. This study tells of one such effort: “Landmine-detection rats: An evaluation of reinforcement procedures under simulated operational conditions,” Amanda Mahoney, Kate Lalonde, Timothy Edwards, Christophe Cox, Bart Weetjens and Alan Poling [pictured here], Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior, epub March […]

Auto-Perception of Boob and Blemish Enhancement

Eric Keeand Hany Farid created algorithms to detect which portions of a photograph have been monkeyed with, and how much monkeying was done to each portion. Their study is “A Perceptual Metric for Photo Retouching,” Eric Kee [pictured here — we leave it to you to determine whether the image has been enhanced] and Hany Farid, […]

Auto-detection of male genital flashers

Men who drop their trousers and display their genitals on the internet can now be detected more reliably and automatically, is the thrust of this new study: “SafeVchat: Detecting Obscene Content and Misbehaving Users in Online Video Chat Services“, Xinyu Xing, Yu-Li Liang, Hanqiang Cheng, Jianxun Dang, Sui Huang, Richard Han, Xue Liu, Qin Lv, […]