Automated Acoustic Detection of Mouse Scratching [research study]

Acoustic detection of mouse scratching has been automated at least once. This report tells about the mice involved, and about their scratching, and about the detection — done acoustically — of that scratching: “Automated Acoustic Detection of Mouse Scratching,” Peter Elliott, Max G’Sell, Lindsey M. Snyder, Sarah E. Ross, and Valérie Ventura, PLoS ONE, vol. […]

Systematic Swedish Scratching Study

Scratch example sample (featuring DJ Groovemeister Martin) Although ‘DJ scratching’ is more than 35 years old, the genre has been afforded scant attention in academia. But now the first [?] doctoral thesis to provide a comprehensive analysis of ‘DJ scratching’ is available online. “Scratching was first introduced in the middle of the seventies and has […]