Automated Acoustic Detection of Mouse Scratching [research study]

Acoustic detection of mouse scratching has been automated at least once. This report tells about the mice involved, and about their scratching, and about the detection — done acoustically — of that scratching: “Automated Acoustic Detection of Mouse Scratching,” Peter Elliott, Max G’Sell, Lindsey M. Snyder, Sarah E. Ross, and Valérie Ventura, PLoS ONE, vol. […]

Tips for Mouse-Massage Parlor Personnel

An international team of mouse-massaging immunopharmacology researchers shares some of its secrets for massaging mice with a paintbrush or with gloved human hands, in this study: “Massage-like stroking boosts the immune system in mice,” Benjamin Major, Lorenza Rattazzi, Samuel Brod, Ivan Pilipović, Gordana Leposavić, and Fulvio D’Acquisto, Scientific Reports, vol. 5, 2015. The authors, at Queen […]

Certain effects of molecularly heavy vs light bits of instant coffee…

Curious about what happens when you take instant coffee, separate it into components that have different molecular weights, and then stick those component separately into different test tubes that have rat spleen cells in them? If so, this is the study for you: “Influence of molecular weight on in vitro immunostimulatory properties of instant coffee,” Cláudia P. […]