Software that predicts whether you look like, and so will be, a criminal

Harrisburg University proudly announces, in a press release: HU facial recognition software predicts criminality A group of Harrisburg University professors and a Ph.D. student have developed automated computer facial recognition software capable of predicting whether someone is likely going to be a criminal. With 80 percent accuracy and with no racial bias, the software can […]

Sheep facial recognition software efforts in New Zealand

Sheep facial recognition software is in the offing, suggests an October 22, 2019 news report in the New Zealand Herald: The world’s first sheep facial recognition software, developed in Dunedin, is set to be prototyped this year. Sheep NN, a project created by artificial intelligence and machine learning company Iris Data Science, has received a […]

Automated password generation of offensive expressions

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) offers users an online ‘Choose and Book’ service for making appointments. When a user creates an account, the software automatically creates a two word passphrase – but not everyone is happy. Professor Simon de Lusignan MSc MD FBCS CITP FRCGP for instance (currently Professor of Primary Care & Clinical […]

A wokfull of cockroaches – observing observers

The facial analysis system behind the recently featured ‘Laughing Mirror‘was developed by the Dutch firm VicarVision [* see note below] A description of their system, called ‘FaceReader ™ ‘ was published in Proceedings of Measuring Behavior, 2005 (Wageningen, 30 August – 2 September 2005) ‘The FaceReader: Online facial expression recognition‘ Since then the computer code has […]

Grace Murray Hopper interviewed

Grace Murray Hopper, computer pioneer (and by many accounts the person who coined the term “bug” in relation to computers), interviewed by David Letterman in 1986, not very long after she retired from the US Navy: (Thanks to investigator Anusree Banerjee for bringing this to our attention.) UPDATE: The video has been yanked from YouTube. […]

Auto-detection of male genital flashers

Men who drop their trousers and display their genitals on the internet can now be detected more reliably and automatically, is the thrust of this new study: “SafeVchat: Detecting Obscene Content and Misbehaving Users in Online Video Chat Services“, Xinyu Xing, Yu-Li Liang, Hanqiang Cheng, Jianxun Dang, Sui Huang, Richard Han, Xue Liu, Qin Lv, […]