Mel says:
“It’s miscellany. But it’s swell.”

Here are some notable items published in the magazine and elsewhere, and troves of material from the early years (1995-2005) of this web site, and bits of our earlier work that appeared elsewher. In fairly random order, here are:

NOTE: Since early 2006, we’ve been publishing most
of our new web content
in blog form.

Some Classic Articles Published in the Magazine

Troves from the early years of this web site

Here lie many things: news items and features / unauthorized teaching materials / The Bureaucracy Club / Projects & Surveys / Universal History project / Feline Reactions to Bearded Men

Other Classics by Our Founders and Staff

(NOTE: We have a big backlog from which we may add to this sporadically.)

Classic Articles From the AIR Vault

Nobel Interviews From the AIR Vault

Legendary Personalities, From the AIR Vault

Murder Mysteries From the AIR Vault

Scientific Gossip From the AIR Vault

Puzzler Solutions From the AIR Vault (NOTE: AIR has never, ever, published a Puzzler)

Recommended Citations From the AIR Vault

AIR Vents (letters from our readers) From the AIR Vault

Technology Updates From the AIR Vault

Classics by Alex Kohn (AIR’s co-founder)

A few highlights from Marc Abrahams (AIR’s editor and co-founder)’s late, possibly lamented columns in Byte and Design News)