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exhalations from our readers


Professor Anastasio is not alone in experiencing the phenomenon of the accelerated meeting.

At the March annual meeting of my professional society, the Chairman responded to every item raised by slamming his gavel and saying, "That's a stupid idea. Next item." The entire meeting lasted seventeen minutes -- it usually takes three full days. You can imagine the uproar.

I admit that our meetings usually accomplish little, and that looked at this way, our Chairman's actions represent an impressive gain in efficiency. But at what cost?

Name withheld by request
Program Committee Vice Chairman
International Academy of Physical Research Scientists
Berne, Switzerland



I am puzzled by your letter of February 6 in reply to my submission of my research paper "Gravity Anomalies and the Periodic Table." I had sent you two copies of my article, and in order to establish my bona fides, had also enclosed a copy of my curriculum vitae as well as a recent photograph.

Your letter did not refer to my paper at all. It said (and I quote it in its entirety), "We think you should shave off your beard."

This does not make any sense. Undoubtedly your letter was intended for someone else. Could you please advise me as to the status of my paper.

Roger E. J. Phipps, Jr., Ph.D.
University of Texas
Austin, Texas



Three cheers for Roberta Baye's incisive analysis of the ideal man paradigm ("The Warrier Mensch: A Psycho Assessment of the Ideal 90s Male"). Professor Baye makes several cogent points about the vital differences between men, women, and the rest of us.

As I explain in my book, THE NEW MENSCH, the power to do and be is subservient to one's assessment of the self's place in psychostructural strata. Professor Baye's research merely confirms this finding.

Alabaster Lee
Chairman, Psychology Department
Lancashire Technical University
Toronto, Ontario



I am shocked and appalled by Roberta Baye's article and refuse to read it. For too long have Jewish-American men been mocked and derided as neurotic wimpish worriers. For too long have Jewish-American women been barred and excluded from the community of Jewish adults by an androcentric discourse about mensches.

The racist, misogynist stereotypes which you are shamelessly perpetuating are particularly dangerous, perilous, and wrong during this treacherous time.

Wendy Kaminer
The Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America
Radcliffe College
Cambridge, Massachusetts



Roberta Baye's article was an insult to every man of Gallic descent. Frenchmen are neither improbable nor irreproducible. I am hereby canceling my subscription.

P. L'Ouverture
Rougement, Quebec

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