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Scientific Gossip (chapter 37-1B)

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Electronic California Faucets

Microprocessor-controlled water taps are installed in 17% of the new homes built in California last year. The devices are less expensive and more durable than mechanical faucets. Their only drawback is that they must be kept dry, because the microchips short circuit when they come in contact with water. The California Real Estate Development Fixtures Council say this limitation is unimportant.

Economists and Aspirations

Professional economists purchase more lottery tickets, per capita, than researchers from any other academic discipline. Kindergarten teachers purchase the fewest tickets.

Sleep: Simple Succor

Insomniacs might soon find easy relief in the form of an "electromagnetic pacifier." The device is placed in the mouth at bedtime. It emits a rythmic, very low-level electromagnetic pulse. Preliminary tests indicate that insomniacs who suck on the device were able to fall asleep 96 minutes sooner than insomniacs who did not.

Several recent studies have hinted that weak but steady electromagnetic fields might be a contributing cause of cancer in nematodes and in humans. The new sleep device, however, is said to be safe because its electromagnetic field oscillates.

Other studies have hinted that the studies on which these claims and counterclaims are based may be incorrect, except in those cases in which they may be correct.

Electric Blue Danger

Alan David Steele believes that riding electric subway cars — especially blue-colored electric subway cars — can be hazardous to your health. Steele, a senior researcher at the Matoh National Laboratory, has been studying the effects of weak, variable magnetic fields on the human body. He recently completed a five-year study of theoretical subway commuters.

Another study have hinted that this study may be incorrect, unless it is correct.

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