Classical Gas - The Bertrand Russell Murder Mysteries, Episode VII


The Bertrand Russell Murder Mysteries, Episode VII

“The Sign of Four”

by Bianca Bedewell, AIR staff

In the last episode, Bertrand Russell vowed to find Fermat's missing napkin, upon which was scribbled the proof that Russell so desperately sought. The news reached Gödel, interrupting his swimming and diving tour of the Scottish lochs. Unable to form a complete Ness theory, Gödel immediately headed for Europe. The race was on, and Russell was at a disadvantage.

In order to discover the location of the missing Fermat-Szechuan napkin, Russell and his assistant, X, purchased a large wooden signboard. Outlined upon the signboard was a map of Europe. Following Alfred North Whitehead's suggestion, Russell instructed his assistant, X, to use four colors to paint the map. The location became plainly visible, and X marked the spot.

Russell journeyed to the continent. Finally, he caught up with Gödel in Konigsberg. A wild chase ensued as they both raced to cross all the bridges.

NEXT TIME: The Disappearance of Alfred Nobel's Betrothed



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