HotAIR - AIR Vents (37-1)


AIR Vents (37-1)

Exhalations from our readers

NOTE: The opinions expressed here represent the opinions of the authors, and may not represent the opinions of those who have other opinions

Conspicuous Absence

I do not subscribe to your journal. I have never read any of your articles. I did not write this letter.

Dr. Anton Fogarty
Perth Amboy, New Jersey

Tasty and Delightful

I followed Professor Marubai's recipe for hydroxyl cookies (which I read in your magazine and then clipped out and then saved and then took out and read and then put back in a notebook, and which I intend to take out and reread and then put back from time to time) and am happy to report that the cookies were tasty, filling, and delightful. They did, however, leave a noticeable aftertaste.

Amani J. Lapud
Riga, Latvia

Simple Question

Why do you never print my letters?

Thomas Richard Cafardo
Hong Kong

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