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Scientific Gossip (chapter 37-1A)

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Ensuring Redundancy

Mathematicians at the University of Fresno at Fresno are taking yet another look at the Theory of Redundancy Theory. Phil Procter, Phil Bergman, Phil Austin and Phil Ossman, who developed the theory in 1969, 1970, and again in 1972, are again re-examining the question.

Life in the Fast Lane

The surface of a modern high-speed highway may seem an inhospitable environment, but for some species of mites, worts, and mold, it holds all the comforts of home. Donner Downing of the Thayer Biophysical Institute is writing a book on what he calls "Highway Life."

The Ripeness of Research

Andre De'Olworthy is perhaps the world's foremost authority on garbage. With funding from the Maitre Foundation for Ecological Niche Research, he recently spent seventeen months living inside an urban trash truck as it went on its appointed rounds.

De'Olworthy's colleagues are comparing his voyage to that taken more than a century ago by Charles Darwin on the research ship Beagle.

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