Borborygmi and alternative-to-colonoscopy news reports:

Nobel winner’s device listens to your gut
A non-invasive way for detecting gut disorders could replace the dreaded colonoscopy, West Australian researchers say

Gut disorders could be detected without the need for dreaded, invasive colonoscopies thanks to an invention by West Australian researchers, led by a Nobel Prize laureate.

A University of WA research team headed by Barry Marshall [pictured here] has invented an acoustic sensing belt that listens, records and analyses gut noises linked to gut disorders for faster and more effective diagnosis….

Gut rumbling sounds can be called by a technical name: borborygmi. There have been previous, very different attempts to discern meaning in those sounds.

BONUS: Here’s one person’s self-recorded intestinal rumblings:

REMINDER (distantly related): The 2018 Ig Nobel Prize for Medical Education was awarded to Akira Horiuchi, for the medical report “Colonoscopy in the Sitting Position: Lessons Learned From Self-Colonoscopy.” Here’s video of Dr. Horiuchi performing self-colonoscopy: