Borborygmi and alternative-to-colonoscopy news reports: Nobel winner’s device listens to your gut A non-invasive way for detecting gut disorders could replace the dreaded colonoscopy, West Australian researchers say Gut disorders could be detected without the need for dreaded, invasive colonoscopies thanks to an invention by West Australian researchers, led by a Nobel Prize laureate. A University of WA […]

Orthographic effects on rhyme monitoring

Rhyme monitoring offers countless opportunities for a watchful person. A few of those opportunities were seized, resulting in this study: “Orthographic effects on rhyme monitoring,” Mark S. Seidenberg [pictured here] and Michael K. Tanenhaus, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Learning and Memory, vol. 5, no. 6, 1979, pp. 546-54. Here’s detail from the study:  

Drunken sounds are ‘easy’, but in an unexpected way

The science of acoustics reveals an unexpected possible truth about drunks and language, says this study: “Studying Hard and Easy Sounds with Drunken Speech,” Abby Kaplan [pictured here] (University of Utah), Acoustical Society of America – 161st Meeting Lay Language Papers, Presented Tuesday morning, May 24, 2011, 161st ASA Meeting, Seattle, Washington, Popular version of […]

Brainwaves – recorded

“The closer I examine the brain, the less I learn about the mind. Rather, what has been most informative about the mind is how people—neuroscientists and non-neuroscientists alike—interpret neuroscience data. Some cognitive neuroscientists have proposed the qualities we hold most precious as humans, like morality and free will, exist only in the context of human […]