When is a Transport Map Too Complex for Your Brain?

This new study explains, maybe, why so many people feel overwhelmed in navigating a big city by metro or bus. The study is: “Lost in transportation: Information measures and cognitive limits in multilayer navigation,” Riccardo Gallotti, Mason A. Porter, Marc Barthelemy, Science Advances, epub February 19, 2016. The authors, at the Institut de Physique Théorique, France, the […]

To license Australia’s National Public Toilet Map dataset…

To license Australia’s National Public Toilet Map dataset, you must agree to a set of terms and conditions. To use the National Public Toilet Map, you go to the National Public Toilet Map web site. There you can: Enter a location, address or postcode to find nearby toilets. Plan a journey, to get a list of toilets along […]

Gluteal Aesthetic Unit Classification

“The idea of an aesthetically pleasing gluteal region has been with us since early recorded history. The ancient Greeks had nomenclature to describe an aesthetically pleasant buttock area: callipygian is derived from calli, meaning beautiful, and pyge, meaning buttocks.” But, when it comes to surgical buttock re-contouring, not everyone’s idea of callipygia is the same. […]

Mapping noses in the Basque Country

Anthropologist Esther Rebato [pictured here] of the University of the Basque Country has mapped the presence of nasal characteristics in people who dwell in the Basque Country. Her study is: “Aspectos métricos y morfoscópicos  de la región nasal en vascos [“Metric aspects and morphoscopic the nasal region in Basques”],” Esther Rebato, Munibe Antropologia – Arkeologia, no. […]

Brainy ambition: Connecting this and that, and readability

There’s new hope, in one quarter, about understanding the human brain. Ian Sample reports in the Guardian: Quest for the connectome: scientists investigate ways of mapping the brain Researchers have a goal so ambitious it is almost unthinkable – learning how all 85bn neurons in the human brain are wired up … A human connectome […]