Computer Usefulness in Publishing, 1969 and Now

In 1969 a publishing executive mused about whether and how computers had helped his industry: “Pitfalls to Computer Use in Publishing and Communication,” Daniel Melcher, Journal of Business Communication, vol. 6, no. 2, Winter 1969, pp. 47-51. The author, chairman of the R.R. Bowker Company, says: Most large publishers now have computers; many small ones […]

The effects of juiciness in an action RPG [new study]

“A juicy game element will bounce and wiggle and squirt and make a little noise when you touch it.” When it comes to ‘Juiciness’ in Role Playing (Computer) Games, too much, or too little, it seems, can be non-ideal. Professor Dominic Kao and colleagues at the Virtual Futures Lab, Purdue University, US, have experimentally investigated such […]

Computers no longer ‘morons’ – they’ve evolved to become ‘leaders’ [says new study]

“We want to start a theoretical and empirical discourse on the paradigm ‘computers as leaders’, because the world has changed since 1967, when Peter Drucker stated that computers are morons and make no decisions.” – explain Jenny S.Wesche [of Freie Universität Berlin, Institute of Psychology, Division of Social, Organizational and Economic Psychology, Berlin, Germany] and Andreas […]