Chicken soup, colds, and the therapeutic armamentarium – maybe Grandma was right

“Traditional chicken soup was prepared according to a family recipe, which will be referred to as ‘Grandma’s soup’ (C. Fleischer; personal communication; 1970). This recipe is as follows: • 1 5- to 6-lb stewing hen or baking chicken; • 1 package of chicken wings; • 3 large onions; • 1 large sweet potato; • 3 […]

“Why Do People (Not) Cough in Concerts?” (study)

“Concert etiquette demands that audiences of classical concerts avoid inept noises such as coughs.” … and yet, explains Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener (of the Institute of Social Policy at Leibniz Universität, Hannover, Germany) … “ […] coughing in concerts occurs more frequently than elsewhere, implying a widespread and intentional breach of concert etiquette.” Leading to […]

Cutesy: Post-Nasal Drip

A study for nasal aficionados: “Post-Nasal Drip Syndrome: A Symptom to be Sniffed At?” Alyn H. Morice [pictured here], Pulmonary Pharmacology and Therapeutics, vol. 17, no. 6, 2004, pp. 343–5. The author, at Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham, UK,  sniffs: “Post-nasal drip syndrome is a symptom masquerading as a syndrome. It varies widely across different societies and there […]