“Why Do People (Not) Cough in Concerts?” (study)

“Concert etiquette demands that audiences of classical concerts avoid inept noises such as coughs.” … and yet, explains Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener (of the Institute of Social Policy at Leibniz Universität, Hannover, Germany) … “ […] coughing in concerts occurs more frequently than elsewhere, implying a widespread and intentional breach of concert etiquette.” Leading to […]

Interpreting automatic door motions

Improbable recently drew attention to the latest research into the (possibly negative) implications of holding a door open for others. But what if the door which is open for you is automatic? As a 2009 article in the International Journal of Design put it: “Automatic doors exemplify the challenges of designing emotionally welcoming interactive systems…“ […]

Impoliteness And Rudeness in Lancaster: A coming event

Geoffrey Leech invites you to a celebration of impoliteness and rudeness: Linguistic Impoliteness And Rudeness II (LIAR II) The 2009 International Conference of The Linguistic Politeness Research Group Lancaster University, United Kingdom 30 June – 2 July 2009 This three-day conference focuses is on language and communication that might be described as ‘impolite’, ‘rude’, ‘aggressive’, […]