The Barcelona concert for embryos: Sharon Corr & Álex Ubago

“Sharon Corr and Álex Ubago celebrated Institut Marquès’ Ig Nobel Prize by singing to the embryos.” That’s the headline on a report by Top40-Charts. The report explains how Sharon Corr (of The Corrs) and Álex Ubago came to be involved in this historic concert: Institut Marquès, the worldwide leading fertility centre, has hosted a new live concert […]

Why do people go to pop concerts?

Technological innovations have facilitated widespread illegal downloading of recorded music (which points towards a decreased willingness to pay for music) nevertheless, people still go to pop concerts – which they usually have to pay for – raising the question ‘Why?’ Behavioural scientist Dr Steven Caldwell Brown [pictured] from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, (and also […]

Classical music: has it been ‘weaponized’?

“Classical music was first used as a deterrent by 7-Eleven convenience stores in British Colombia, Canada. In 1985, branch managers began piping classical music into the stores’ parking lots in order to prevent teenagers from congregating there.” – explains Dr Marie Thompson who is a lecturer at Lincoln School of Film & Media, Lincoln University, […]

“Why Do People (Not) Cough in Concerts?” (study)

“Concert etiquette demands that audiences of classical concerts avoid inept noises such as coughs.” … and yet, explains Prof. Dr. Andreas Wagener (of the Institute of Social Policy at Leibniz Universität, Hannover, Germany) … “ […] coughing in concerts occurs more frequently than elsewhere, implying a widespread and intentional breach of concert etiquette.” Leading to […]