Facial Pain and the Instruments of Finnish Orchestra Musicians

Aki Savolainen writes: “I found this one article my father was working on a year ago, which found out that musicians with sleep bruxism experience pain related to the severity of their symptoms (surprise), and the instrument they happen to be playing has no effect on the amount of pain experienced.” The study is: “Oro-facial […]

Classical music: has it been ‘weaponized’?

“Classical music was first used as a deterrent by 7-Eleven convenience stores in British Colombia, Canada. In 1985, branch managers began piping classical music into the stores’ parking lots in order to prevent teenagers from congregating there.” – explains Dr Marie Thompson who is a lecturer at Lincoln School of Film & Media, Lincoln University, […]

Pattern recognition: Similar composers & actors

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra is assembling a collection of photos of composers and actors who physically resembled each other. The entire collection is on the orchestra’s web site. Here’s a small sampling: (Thanks to investigator Charles Krause for bringing this to our attention.)