Robot orchestra acquires clothingless humans

One of Belgium’s most renowned robot orchestras has acquired the use of several naked persons. The orchestra, sans naked persons, was written up a few years ago in a study:

The Man and Machine Robot Orchestra at Logos,” Laura Maes, Godfried-Willem Raes and Troy Rogers, Computer Music Journal, 35:4, pp. 28–48, Winter 2011. The authors, at the University College Ghent, Belgium and the University of Virginia, explain: “This article provides an overview of the various automata of the Man and Machine robot orchestra found at the Logos Foundation in Ghent, Belgium. The motivation for their creation is discussed, as well as the way in which these automations of existing and new instruments distinguish themselves from precursors and other contemporary musical robots. This extensive orchestra features over 45 organ-like instruments, monophonic wind instruments, string instruments, percussion instruments, and noise generators.”

This video shows one small part of the orchestra, with a performer who is not without clothing:

Now the Logos Foundation’s web site presents descriptions, photos, and videos of the orchestra, which is no longer always devoid of naked persons. This video shows some of that:



(HT Clifford Pickover)