A Biological Switching Valve Discovered in the Famous Sex-Role Reversed Cave Insect

The team that won the 2017 Ig Nobel Biology Prize for discovering a female penis, and a male vagina, in a cave insect has published a new paper, reporting a further discovery about the body parts of that insect. Their new paper is “A Biological Switching Valve Evolved in the Female of a Sex-Role Reversed […]

The Barcelona concert for embryos: Sharon Corr & Álex Ubago

“Sharon Corr and Álex Ubago celebrated Institut Marquès’ Ig Nobel Prize by singing to the embryos.” That’s the headline on a report by Top40-Charts. The report explains how Sharon Corr (of The Corrs) and Álex Ubago came to be involved in this historic concert: Institut Marquès, the worldwide leading fertility centre, has hosted a new live concert […]

Vagina Music on Tour: “The myth of talking to the baby through the mother’s belly is history”

The two doctors who led the vagina-music study—which demonstrated that babies respond more strongly to music played electromechanically in the mother’s vagina than to music played electromechanically on the mother’s belly—and which was honored with an Ig Nobel Prize, appeared in the recent Ig Nobel spring EuroTour. Marisa López-Teijón and Álex García-Faura, of Institut Marquès […]

Appreciating the Ig Nobel Prize-winning momma-to-baby vaginal music communicator

The inventors of Babypod, the insert-into-your-vagina device that helps a pregnant woman play music for her developing fetus, produced this video ad: The 2017 Ig Nobel Prize for Obstetrics was awarded to those physician/inventors—Marisa López-Teijón, Álex García-Faura, Alberto Prats-Galino, and Luis Pallarés Aniorte—for showing that a developing human fetus responds more strongly to music that is played […]

The Ig Nobel events, reported firsthand by a winning scientist

Dr.  Marisa López-Teijón, leader of the team that won the 2017 Ig Nobel Obstetrics Prize — for showing that a developing human fetus responds more strongly to music that is played electromechanically inside the mother’s vagina than to music that is played electromechanically on the mother’s belly — describes what the team experienced during Ig Nobel week […]

Tyrannosaurus Rx: “The day I removed a toy dinosaur from a woman’s vagina”

The Guardian published an article called “The day I removed a toy dinosaur from a woman’s vagina“. It’s a firsthand medical report by a student nurse who uses the pen name Poppy Ward. The article includes the image you see here, from an entity named Alamy: (Thanks to Adam K. Olson for bringing this to our attention.) BONUS QUESTION: Should […]

Earthy, tasty probiotic recipes

Probiotic starter cultures come in many different flavors. Here are two that qualify as Not-off-the-shelf. 1. “Characterization of Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Infant Faeces as Potential Probiotic Starter Cultures for Fermented Sausages.” This study was honored with the 2014 Ig Nobel Prize for nutrition. 2. Vaginal bacteria as probiotic starter culture for yogurt. Janet Jay, […]

Bold experiments in human-sourced probiotics

Two recent, imaginative, slimy experiments are advancing our knowledge of how to use bacteria to make possibly-healthgiving foods. The newest is reported by Janet Jay, writing in Motherboard: How to Make Breakfast With Your Vagina … Cecilia Westbrook [pictured here] is a friend of mine, and an MD/PhD student at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. We […]

They grew vaginas, they’re growing penises

Anthony Atala and colleagues at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine are busy making replacement parts. Their study “Tissue-engineered autologous vaginal organs in patients: a pilot cohort study” in The Lancet, published this year, tells of the distaff part of the story. A report in The Guardian tells of their efforts to build masculinature: “The lab-grown penis: approaching […]