Recent Progress in Bruce Springsteen Studies

Very few popular music artists are the subject of exclusively dedicated peer-reviewed journals. There is, however, at least one – who features in the Biannual Online-Journal of Springsteen Studies (BOSS) It aims to publish scholarly, open-access, peer-reviewed essays pertaining to Bruce Springsteen. And seeks to encourage consideration of Springsteen’s body of work primarily through the […]

Why do people go to pop concerts?

Technological innovations have facilitated widespread illegal downloading of recorded music (which points towards a decreased willingness to pay for music) nevertheless, people still go to pop concerts – which they usually have to pay for – raising the question ‘Why?’ Behavioural scientist Dr Steven Caldwell Brown [pictured] from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, (and also […]

Misheard Song Lyrics (computerised)

As enthusiasts of  (* see note below) will know, the task of correctly identifying pop music lyrics is not always 100% straightforward. Here’s one to try . . . Difficulties arise not only for human listeners, but also for computerised speech-recognition systems. In spite of, or perhaps because of its inherent complexity, there are […]