Rock/Guitar/Tongue (study)

Playing a rock guitar solo with one’s tongue may be an impressive feat, but how are such solos actually rated by musicians (and non-musicians)? Dr. Marco Lehmann, Dipl.-Psych., M.Sc. of the Fakultät für Erziehungswissenschaft, Psychologie und Bewegungswissenschaft der Universität Hamburg, along with Prof. Dr. Reinhard Kopiez, Professor für Musikpsychologie an der Hochschule für Musik, Theater […]

Instrumental Maladies (part 2: Guitars)

Continuing Improbable’s partial listing of the work-related diseases which professional musicians might encounter … Part 2 : Guitars • Habit tic deformity secondary to guitar playing. • Incomplete anterior interosseous nerve syndrome in a guitar player • Contact dermatitis in guitar players • Occupational acroosteolysis in a guitar player • Guitar player acro-osteolysis • Selective […]