Taxonomists squabble, but Okamura baffles them

Taxonomists may squabble and quibble (as a recent article called “Why Do Taxonomists Write the Meanest Obituaries?” makes clear), but most taxonomists are baffled by the works produced by the late Chonosuke Okamura, discoverer of the mini-creatures. Here is a set of photographic images from one of Okamura’s books. These, say Okamura, are faces of several minimen. Okamura […]

Bugged by buggy bug IDs

Alex Wild writes in his Compound Eye blog: Why are media insects misidentified? That’s not a bee…. How does a fly end up advertising a book whose target audience, not to mention the mortified authors, will instantly recognize as a mistake? Publishers, photo editors, and stock agencies—those entities that purchase from image creators—trust photographers to correctly […]