Why do people go to pop concerts?

Technological innovations have facilitated widespread illegal downloading of recorded music (which points towards a decreased willingness to pay for music) nevertheless, people still go to pop concerts – which they usually have to pay for – raising the question ‘Why?’

Dr_SCBBehavioural scientist Dr Steven Caldwell Brown [pictured] from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, (and also Ragged University) and colleague  Dr Don Knox of Glasgow Caledonian University, Scotland provide answers in a new paper for the journal Musicae Scientiae entitled ‘Why go to pop concerts? The motivations behind live music attendance’

Drawing from a sample of 249 participants (55.02% female) with a mean age of 26.49, an open-ended questionnaire was analysed thematically – with reference to a complex mix of ‘core drivers’, including experience, engagement, novelty and practical aspects. To briefly sum up :

“The results highlight that participants want to ‘be there’.”

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