The President’s Father and the Sneezing of Cats

Jean-Michel Macron is a neurologist who has published several studies about the sneezing of cats.  His son is the current president of France. Among Macron’s cat-sneeze studies: Macron on Cat Sneezing (1991) — “Trigeminal afferences implied in the triggering or inhibition of sneezing in cats,” Fabrice Wallois, Jean Michel Macron, Vincent Jounieaux, and Bernard Duron, Neuroscience […]

Nothing, to sneeze at: How to create a press release from nothing

Most news reports about science and medicine come from press releases, some of which contain a colorful statement and some padding, but no actual news. This press release from Texas A&M University shows how that’s done at the highest professional level: Can you sneeze with your eyes open? …David Huston, MD, associate dean of the Texas A&M College of […]