The possibilities of math(s) genes [new study]

If you experience any difficulties in visualising the implications of equations like these  . . . – could your genetic makeup be sub-optimal? They’re from a new study published in bioRxiv which examines Genetic Associations with Mathematics Tracking and Persistence in Secondary School  The research project (from the Department of Psychology and Population Research Center, […]

Improving our understanding of Bamboozle Structures

It’s not everyday that a newly discovered 3-D mathematical concept appears on the topological horizon. But one did in 2012. It’s called the Bamboozle Structure. “Bamboozle consists of 51 equilateral triangles, meeting pairwise at an angle of about 70.5 degrees (arccos 1/3).” It seems that topologists haven’t given a great deal of consideration to Bamboozle […]

Unresolvable human mental states (based on a parallel universe theory)

“A mental state with respect to a situation composed by multiplying two situations equals the sum of mental states for each situation. A mental state with respect to a situation composed by dividing two situations equals the difference between mental states for each situation.” So explain professor Changsoo Shin and colleagues at the Department of […]

Hey Maths! (Beatles studies)

Improbable recently drew attention to ‘Why the Beatles Succeeded but Broke Up: the Math(s)’, now we turn instead to mathematical considerations of the band’s music (rather than of the band itself). In particular, a paper in a Special Beatles Studies issue of the journal Volume !, 2016/1 (12:2) entitled ‘Hey Maths! Modèles formels et computationnels […]

Why the Beatles Succeeded but Broke Up: the Math(s)

Over the years, many investigators have examined possible factors which might have led to the breakup of The Beatles, but Professor Tadashi Yagi (Faculty of Economics, Doshisha University, Kyoto, Japan) is one of the few* scholars to have approached the subject from a mathematical standpoint. The professor takes the view that incentives for collaborating within […]