Vampire bat taste-for-blood report “may have highlighted a serious health risk”

“Normally the ‘Ig Nobel Prize’ is awarded to researchers who have strange, silly, or unimportant scientific research, but this startling revelation — that the legendary vampire bat has a taste for our blood — may have highlighted a serious health risk for people living in Central and South America.” — report by Arnold Carreiro, published […]

The usefulness of voodoo dolls in studying blood sugar and aggession

The Associated Press tells of the new study by Ig Nobel Prize (for the study “‘Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder’: People who think they are drunk also think they are attractive“) winner Brad Bushman [pictured here] and colleagues: The researchers studied 107 married couples for three weeks. Each night, they measured […]

A blood-y good documentary from the 1950s

Hemo the Magnificent is a documentary about the human blood circulatory system. Directed by Frank Capra for the Bell Telephone System (for the public good, and for good garnering goodwill), it stars comic actor Sterling Holloway, cartoon voice performers Mel Blanc and June Foray, and two more somber-seeming hosts. Part 1: Part 2: (HT Bella Seaberg) BONUS: By […]

Bushman on Sweets (2): Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

If you like to read about sugar or about aggressiveness, Brad J. Bushman [pictured here] and colleagues have a study perhaps worth some moments of your time: “Sweetened blood cools hot tempers: physiological self-control and aggression,” C. Nathan DeWall, Timothy Deckman, Matthew T. Gailliot, Brad J. Bushman, Aggressive Behavior, 2011 Jan-Feb;37(1):73-80. The authors explain: “Aggressive […]

A blood-typing test credited to Harry Potter, sort of

A new study credits the author of the Harry Potter books for inspiring a biomedical innovation: “Paper-Based Blood Typing Device That Reports Patient’s Blood Type ‘in Writing’“, Miaosi Li, Junfei Tian, Mohammad Al-Tamimi, Wei Shen, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, epub April 18, 2012. The authors, at Monash University, explain: “A low-cost bioactive paper device is designed […]

Ink vs. blood

This chart, from the reflectionofme web site, shows the relative prices of several liquids. Ink for an HP computer printer is notably more expensive than the other listed liquids. But it was still, when the chart was prepared, less than twice the price of blood (the latter, of course, is subject to fluctuation). (Thanks to […]