The usefulness of voodoo dolls in studying blood sugar and aggession

The Associated Press tells of the new study by Ig Nobel Prize (for the study “‘Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder’: People who think they are drunk also think they are attractive“) winner Brad Bushman [pictured here] and colleagues: The researchers studied 107 married couples for three weeks. Each night, they measured […]

How Ig Nobellian Dr. Fesmire broke his ankle, told with dolls

Behold Ig Nobel Prize winner Dr. Francis Fesmire tell the tantalizing tale of how he broke his ankle in the Samaria Gorge on the Greek Isle of Crete. Dr. Fesmire accomplished the telling in a mere 14 minutes and 58 seconds, assisted by dolls: BONUS: Dr. Fesmire’s Ig Nobel Prize winning study “Termination of Intractable Hiccups with […]

Grow your mind (with dolls)

“We have been unable to find literature which specifically examines doll-making within an organizational context, or as a form of leadership development.” – explain Dr. Patricia Gayá Wicks and Dr. Ann Rippin from the Department of Management at the University of Bristol, UK. To address this gap in the literature, 20 participants on an MSc. […]