Involuntary Hippophagia (5): Papal Bull Taboo Origin?

Those concerned about Involuntary Hippophagia (the unintended ingestion of a horse, or part thereof ) may be wondering just how far back the UK’s distaste for eating horses, unintentionally or not, might go. Improbable can reveal that the puzzle has certainly been on the table for more than a century. ‘Rockingham’ (writing in the Boston […]

Involuntary Hippophagia (3): Horse and Donkey detection

Those concerned about Involuntary Hippophagia: (the unintended ingestion of a horse, or part thereof ) may take comfort in a report published in the journal Meat Science, Volume 70, Issue 4, 2005. As far back as eight years ago, farsighted government researchers at (what was) the Central Science Laboratory, Yorkshire, UK, (now swallowed by the […]

How Ig Nobellian Dr. Fesmire broke his ankle, told with dolls

Behold Ig Nobel Prize winner Dr. Francis Fesmire tell the tantalizing tale of how he broke his ankle in the Samaria Gorge on the Greek Isle of Crete. Dr. Fesmire accomplished the telling in a mere 14 minutes and 58 seconds, assisted by dolls: BONUS: Dr. Fesmire’s Ig Nobel Prize winning study “Termination of Intractable Hiccups with […]