Improbable research about how to do crime

“Criminal Expertise: Gunfighters, Burglars, Thieves, Perfect Murderers” is a featured revue article in the special Haphazard issue (volume 27, number 3) of the magazine Annals of Improbable Research. Read this article, free, on the web. Then, if research about how to do crime inspires you, subscribe to the magazine, or buy individual back issues.

Canadian Crime Rates in the Penalty Box

The game of hockey generates both action and statistics. Does it generate crime, now more than ever? This police study analyzes that and other questions: “Canadian Crime Rates in the Penalty Box,” Simon Demers, arXiv:1810.05118, 2018. The author, an Audit Manager in the Planning, Research & Audit Section of the Vancouver Police Department, reports: “Over […]

Tracking glitter particles from a university building

A team of forensic researchers from Soonchunhyang University in South Korea have determined that glitter can be used to track a person’s location in a university building.   “A distribution study of glitter was conducted from a local university building. The potential recipient surfaces chosen were the 1,000 chairs kept in 16 separate classrooms of […]

The (carbon) footprints of criminals (new study)

A news release from the University of Surrey, UK, draws attention to the first study to have systematically assessed the carbon footprint of UK crimes. The research team found that :- “[…] crime committed in 2011 in England and Wales gave rise to over 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents. Burglary resulted in the […]