Canadian Crime Rates in the Penalty Box

The game of hockey generates both action and statistics. Does it generate crime, now more than ever? This police study analyzes that and other questions:

Canadian Crime Rates in the Penalty Box,” Simon Demers, arXiv:1810.05118, 2018. The author, an Audit Manager in the Planning, Research & Audit Section of the Vancouver Police Department, reports:

“Over the 1962-2016 period, the Canadian violent crime rate has remained strongly correlated with National Hockey League (NHL) penalties. The Canadian property crime rate was similarly correlated with stolen base attempts in the Major League Baseball (MLB). Possible implications and avenues for future research are discussed.”

Here’s further detail from the study:

BONUS: Simon Demers takes on a paradox: “Simpson’s Paradox in Canadian Police Clearance Rates,” Simon Demers, D. Kim Rossmo, Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Volume 57, Number 3, July/juillet 2015″

BONUS: Here are some old, unrelated statistics, about a hockey player named Simon Demers.