Richard Feynman and the word “muggles”

The word “muggles”, so prominently used in the Harry Potter novels, may have danced through the speech of physicist Richard Feynman. Investigator David Kessler writes: In this youtube video [below], Feynman is discussing how scientists develop and test theories.  At 05:10 he says this: “I must also point out to you that you cannot prove a ‘vague’ […]

A blood-typing test credited to Harry Potter, sort of

A new study credits the author of the Harry Potter books for inspiring a biomedical innovation: “Paper-Based Blood Typing Device That Reports Patient’s Blood Type ‘in Writing’“, Miaosi Li, Junfei Tian, Mohammad Al-Tamimi, Wei Shen, Angewandte Chemie International Edition, epub April 18, 2012. The authors, at Monash University, explain: “A low-cost bioactive paper device is designed […]