A Chinese appreciation of Professor Trinkaus’s password-guessing research

John Trinkaus, who was awarded the 2003 Ig Nobel Literature Prize for publishing more than 80 detailed academic reports about things that annoyed him, got some recent attention for his how-well-do-people-guess-at-passwords research. The Chinese Apple site produced this video about that: Here’s a machine translation into English of part of what it says: “John Trinkaus, a professor at […]

The Mirror Reversal Effect – a new angle

If you’re one of those people who looks into a mirror and wonders – ‘Why is left-right reversed, but not up-down?’ – then you’re not alone. “No agreed-upon account of mirror reversal is currently available although it has been discussed for more than two thousand years since Plato.” – explains mirror researcher Yohtaro Takanoa, Professor […]

Richard Feynman and the word “muggles”

The word “muggles”, so prominently used in the Harry Potter novels, may have danced through the speech of physicist Richard Feynman. Investigator David Kessler writes: In this youtube video [below], Feynman is discussing how scientists develop and test theories.  At 05:10 he says this: “I must also point out to you that you cannot prove a ‘vague’ […]