Migrant Warning: Crossing the Coffee-Cup Barrier

When you get a cup of coffee from a vending machine, are you getting a soupćon of ink in your drink? This study looks into that question: “Determination the Set-Off Migration of Ink in Cardboard-Cups Used in Coffee Vending Machines,” Esther Asensio, Teresa Peiro, and Cristina Nerín, Food and Chemical Toxicology, epub 2019. The authors, […]

Wrinkled sheets, crumpled paper

New research about how paper crumples was done in the same chunk of Harvard that produced an Ig Nobel Prize-winning study about how sheets get wrinkled. It builds on—and adds new wrinkles to—that earlier research. Siobhan Roberts reports, in the New York Times, about the paper-crumpling study: This Is the Way the Paper Crumples In a […]

“Mind the [wildcard] gap” — in academic paper titles

If you’ve ever used The Tube (the underground railway system) in London, there’s a very good chance you’ll know about this announcement : What’s perhaps less well known is the wealth (perhaps even the plethora) of academic papers which have taken advantage of the phrase in their titles. Here are but a few examples : […]

Toilet paper papers – a partial resumé

Following on from our recent note regarding ‘A Time/Cost Assessment of Toilet-Paper Folding, Worldwide’ may we also recommend a non-exhaustive selection of other toilet paper papers which may be perused at your convenience :- ● A System for Identifying Toilet User by Characteristics of Paper Roll Rotation ● Objective Hand Measurement of Toilet Paper ● […]

A randomness as to which of a scientist’s publications will have the most oomph

Despite common belief (and some earlier research on the question) that success tends to come early for scientists, a scientist’s single most successful publication is likely to occur at any point in the sequence of papers that she or he publishes. That’s the gist of a new study. The study explains that people in general tend to produce […]

What a difference a colon makes (to academic citations)

Following our recent report on the (report of the) finding that Short Paper Titles Tend to Have a Longer Reach (Improbable Research, June 16th 2016) we now inform about (research about) another possible method that academic authors might use to lever increased attention for their paper – with the disarmingly simple trick of adding a […]