Should One Feed Cooking Oil to One’s Paper Shredder?

Feed Cooking Oil to Your Paper Shredders” is a topic opined upon in the wikiHow web site. The advice is presumably just as valuable to anyone who has but one paper shredder:

Oiling an office shredder is an important part of your routine. While the frequency of oiling depends on the type of shredder and how often it is used, it is inevitable that you will need to oil the machine at some point. When a shredder is used, paper dust is created and can coat the blades of your paper shredder. By following a few simple steps you can keep your shredder maintained….

If you are using an old and/or out of warranty paper shredder, you can use canola oil as a substitute rather than purchasing oil. The oil produced by some brands is actually just repackaged canola oil so you can save a little money by using canola oil.…

Apply the oil to the paper in a zigzag pattern. Drizzle the oil over the paper in a zigzag pattern on one side of the paper. Try not to saturate the paper or put too much oil or else it can get a little messy.

(Thanks to Jean Berko Gleason for bringing this to our attention.)